Aces Of Trades: Jeff Grow Brings Love Of Java To Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe


His love of coffee started years ago. In Argentina, more or less. Jeff Grow, then a college student, was on a mission trip.

“I didn’t grow up drinking much coffee,” he said. “I was around it, but it didn’t start becoming a drink of choice till I was 16 and driving. I started visiting gas stations and getting ‘cappuccinos,’ or at least I was led to believe.”

“In the following years,” he continued, “I grew an appreciation for better coffee and custom beverages. While in college, I was able to go on two mission trips. I was able to be ingrained into the cultures of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Experiencing their food and local beverages helped shape my appreciation for quality.”

“When I was in Argentina, I discovered yerba mate,” he added. “We drank it constantly. started becoming an aficionado of teas and coffees after that.”

Fast forward. Grow brought his expertise to Heath and now owns the Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe.

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