Melbourne cafe Undercover Roasters in Abbotsford invents coffee that leaves you with fresh breath

A Melbourne café claims to have created the world’s first coffee that doesn’t cause foul breath.

Undercover Roasters in Abbotsford’s inner-city suburb will begin offering a caffeinated beverage named “the Mint Mocha” on Thursday.

Hand crushing Eclipse mints before melting them in liquid is required to make the fresh breath drink. The liquid is then injected into a chocolate ball, which is subsequently placed into the customer’s prefered coffee.

Hakan Bilal, creator of Undercover Roasters, explained, “The concept behind our Mint Mocha is that by the time you finish your coffee, you’ll be sipping the melted down orb.”

“In other words, Eclipse mints will be the last thing you taste. A flavour that will leave you with cleaner breath than your average cup of coffee.”

Those who want to taste the drink, which costs $4.50, at the Abbotsford location must act quickly because it is only available while supplies remain. However, starting next week, three more Melbourne cafés will offer the fresh-breath beverage.

“It may sound strange, but coffee with spearmint is a unique flavour combination that delights the palate,” Bilal explained. “We experimented with the flavour for several hours until we thought the fragrance and taste of our house coffee blend was complimented by the proportion of minty fresh aftertaste,” says the company.

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