Gifts for someone exploring specialty coffee now that they spent a year making coffee at home

Pouring a well-balanced cup of coffee at home is a present to oneself, as well as a cure for a sluggish morning that can only be lifted with caffeine. Brewing may appear complicated to a newbie, but watching the bloom increase and the steady trickle extract from the beans is meditative. Making coffee for oneself, like ordering from your favourite barista, may result in a smooth, non-oily, perfect cup that greets the early hours.

Coffee subscription courtesy of MistoBox: It’s difficult to try all of the speciality roasters on the market since there are so many. A coffee subscription from MistoBox, on the other hand, takes you on a journey through the broad variety of roasts, washes, origins, and mixes available, all delivered to your home. Because the subscription is customised, you will receive beans according on your preferences and regularity. You may pick between single-origin or blended rotations, dark or bright colours, and more. A coffee subscription exposed Onwuchekwa to the world of speciality coffee and all of its limitless possibilities.

Coffee bean grinder courtesy of Baratza: Although having a consistent grind—from coarse to extremely fine and everything in between—can affect the entire personality of your coffee, a good coffee grinder is essential. A good grinder, according to Onwuchekwa, is nearly as vital as the bean itself, and the Baratza Encore Grinder is a favourite among industry professionals. Water absorbs the grounds uniformly, providing your coffee a smooth, clear, and even body, thanks to 40 settings and a precise grind every time. “Without purchasing a professional grinder for use in a café, this is the best, most consistent, and accessible grinder available. This is an absolute must-have “Onwuchekwa, who uses it at home, praises it.

Electric kettle courtesy of Fellow Yes, dumping water into your coffee will transform it into a caffeinated beverage, but that isn’t the aim here. To separate the coffee from the grinds, you’ll need a careful cascade. Fellow’s Stagg EKG Electric Kettle provides control over that distribution, while Onwuchekwa like the gooseneck spout. “Regardless of the angle of your pour, the weighted handle and angles of the gooseneck spout offer an equal pour.” So, whether you’re a clumsy beginner or a seasoned pro, its design will effortlessly direct you and the water stream. Using the temperature option for perfectly steeped tea is an added benefit.

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