New coffee shop to open this weekend

On Saturday, a new coffee shop will open near E.C. Glass High School on Langhorne Road.

La Vida, the new shop, will provide specialised beverages, snacks, and sweets, as well as WiFi and indoor and outdoor seats.

La Vida, according to Andrew Padilla, the company’s managing partner, is a “lifestyle based on the idea of freedom and choice.”

“We’re a coffee shop that specialises in personalised beverages and experiences,” he explained. “We’ll also be running our market and working with local students who have small companies and want to sell their wares.”

He stated that his objective is to assist in the development of the community and the surrounding area.”As Central Virginia’s largest coffee shop, we have the space to make it a lovely communal place, and that is exactly what we aim to accomplish,” he added.

He claims that the personnel, enthusiasm, and style of La Vida set it apart from other coffee shops in the region.

“At the end of the day,” he added, “they can buy coffee anyplace.” “People return, though, because of the environment in which they live. The difference maker is our people, not the décor or the atmosphere. We can accomplish the job of bringing people together if we work together. Bringing the entire community together under one roof has the potential to alter the city.”

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