How to Make Vietnamese Coffee for a Sweet Caffeine Boost

When I travel, there are two things I always want to do: try new restaurants and get the finest coffee in town. It’s a dream come true whenever I can find the two in the same place. I’m happy to report that this is most often the case in Vietnamese eateries, where my meal generally begins with a couple of summer rolls and a delicious Vietnamese iced coffee. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re new to Vietnamese coffee (or if your local shop recently put it to the menu and you’re not sure what it is). Learn everything there is to know about the beans from the world’s second largest coffee grower, then try out the unique brewing process at home.

What Is Vietnamese Coffee and Where Can I Get It?
With the French colonisation of Vietnam in the 19th century, coffee was introduced to the country. The robusta type accounts for 90% of Vietnamese coffee beans, which distinguishes it distinct from the rest of the globe. Robusta beans, unlike the more popular arabica beans (which are undoubtedly in your cupboard right now), are a strong, nutty, black bean. Robusta also has much more caffeine than arabica.

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