Archie Rose and St Ali Have Whipped Up a New Coffee Whisky to Add to Your Whisky Shrine

Combining coffee and alcohol is a stroke of both boozy and caffeinated genius, as anybody who has ever tasted an espresso martini knows. Do you enjoy a good cup of tea? Do you enjoy a drink? Then, of course, you enjoy them together. What’s not to love about this?

Thanks to Sydney distillery Archie Rose and Melbourne coffee roasters St Ali, fans of the popular combo now have another alcoholic beverage to explore. The two have teamed up on a new and intriguing concoction that, like its fellow caffeinated and hard liquor mixes, is sure to give you a rush. It’ll almost certainly attract its own cult of obsessives.

The ultimate product is coffee whisky that is blasphemy. To be exact, it’s a coffee whisky spirit created using Archie Rose’s single malt whisky and St Ali’s Orthodox and Wide Awake coffees.

Yes, as the name implies, the creators are aware that it may be considered sacrilegious by some ardent whisky and coffee connoisseurs. “Although purists of both whisky and coffee may consider it an abuse of both beverages, it’s a combination that makes perfect sense when you taste it and understand the production procedures,” says Archie Rose founder Will Edwards.

You’ll taste amaretto, dark chocolate, crème caramel, toasted hazelnuts, stewed apples, plum jam, and fresh berries whether you drink it plain or in a boulevardier, as the two companies propose.

It’s also not available in goon sacks, unlike St Ali’s cold brew. Instead, it comes in 700-millilitre bottles, which are ideal for adding to your whisky collection.

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