Biggby® Coffee Celebrates 28 Signed Franchise Agreements in Q2, Aims for Further Growth in 2021

Despite a year of lockdowns, shutdowns, and curfews, Biggby® Coffee, a 250-unit coffee business, never lost sight of its mission of unconditional love and support. Biggby® Coffee handled the pandemic by doubling down on its franchisee support network, keeping tight ties with franchisees, and addressing the requirements of its consumers, as a brand recognised for its devotion to its franchisees.

The brand’s tenacity was also demonstrated by its rise in the second quarter of this year. Biggby® Coffee has signed 28 franchise agreements and celebrated 11 openings since April 1st. Eight of the 28 franchise agreements were with current franchisees.

Bob Fish, co-CEO and co-founder of the company, stated, “Our primary aim is to help our franchisees.” “We believe the majority of our growth throughout the pandemic was fueled by our tight relationships with our franchisees, workers, and communities.”

Despite the pandemic’s unique challenges, Biggby® Coffee’s dedicated area representatives, who are carefully selected franchisees who work to grow the brand while building strong relationships with business owners and customers, continued to reach out to potential franchisees and show their support for existing franchise owners. In 2020, the business sold a total of 85 sites and established 18 new ones, setting a new high.

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