Community Coffee, based in Louisiana, is back aboard Southwest Airline flights

Travelers and coffee drinkers alike will find something to like about flying once more. After a brief break, Community Coffee, one of America’s fastest-growing coffee brands, is back aboard most Southwest Airlines flights.

Since 2016, the Dallas-based airline has used Community Coffee’s Signature Blend dark roast for in-flight coffee service.

Community Coffee senior vice president, sales and marketing, Leah Herrington, stated, “We are happy to be back in the air and sharing our distinctive coffee with our fans from around the country, whether they are travelling for work or taking a well-deserved vacation.” “As tourists enjoy our coffee, they are also assisting us in bringing delight to people who contribute to the well-being of communities. People in coffee-producing countries who offer our beautiful beans benefit from our cooperation with Southwest Airlines.”

The ECOM Foundation is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing a better living for origin producers via healthcare, education, training, and housing initiatives. For every pound of Community Coffee served on a Southwest flight, the airline and Community Coffee give to the ECOM Foundation.

Southwest Airlines’ director of community relations, Laura Nieto, said, “We think community is more than a place – it’s at the Heart of what draws us together.” “We’re excited to work with Community Coffee to expand our reach by investing in programmes and services that help communities become stronger and more resilient.”

Community Coffee is conducting a social media contest called “Community in My Suitcase” to commemorate its return to the skies. For a chance to win a $500 travel gift card, individuals may upload photographs of how they travel with their Community Coffee through Aug. 11 on the company’s Facebook page.

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