Keurig launches first Wi-Fi-enabled smart coffee maker

During the epidemic, many individuals shifted to working from home, and the Keurig coffee machine became more popular. According to the business, roughly 3 million additional homes will buy Keurig machines in 2020, increasing the overall number of Keurig machines in households to 33 million. To assist boost that number even more, Keurig just introduced its first Wi-Fi linked brewer, which uses BrewID to automatically identify K-Cup pods and changes brew parameters including as temperature and intensity. Keurig claimed its coffee specialists spent a year and a half testing and optimising the settings for all of the coffee pods, but they added that the process is “ever-evolving” as new K-Pods are released.

If you want to choose your own brew settings, the K-Supreme Plus Smart provides you the choice of five cup sizes, five strength levels, and six temperature options to customise your coffee. You may favourite and rename a customised option once you’ve found one you like.

You can access your favourites on the machine as well as through the Keurig app, which can also operate the new coffee maker and plan brews ahead of time. Users may utilise the new Smart Auto-Delivery feature in the app, which keeps track of how many pods you consume and alerts you to restock before you run out, similar to how Amazon’s Subscribe & Save works. Though this may appear to be a marketing tool, it may come in helpful if you have a habit of forgetting to add goods to your grocery list.

The latest model has the brand’s biggest reservoir tank to yet (78 ounces), as well as multi-stream technology (five needles against one needle on previous models) to moisten and extract more flavour from the coffee bed. According to the manufacturer, it also features a stainless steel finish that is simple to clean.

For those who like iced coffee, the machine features an option that brews coffee at a lower temperature, allowing it to be poured straight onto ice without melting it. The machine is also meant to operate with tea K-Cup pods, hot chocolate K-Cup pods, and other beverages, according to the manufacturer. You may also use a reusable Keurig coffee filter filled with your prefered ground beans.

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is now only available on the Keurig website, but the company hopes to expand its distribution in the coming months.

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