Taranaki woman crafts single-use coffee cup wake-up call

A Taranaki lady has developed a reality check for you if you don’t own a reusable cup and buy coffee every weekday.

Lorella Doherty created a mural out of single-use coffee cups to demonstrate how much single-use coffee cups contribute to garbage if people buy a coffee five days a week for a year.

The 260-cup invention is set to hit New Plymouth cafés shortly, with Doherty and the district council hoping to achieve what coffee already does: wake people up.

“It’s lovely, but it’s also sad,” she explained. “It’s not like it’s assaulting you; it just brings you back to your senses. It has a stronger impact on people.”

The artwork “It’s only one cup” is built of recycled wire and wood, and the cups were gathered over a short period of time from a handful of companies.

Doherty remarked, “It’s so easy to assume it’s only one.” “But it’s a throwaway thing; you’re sipping from a piece of littler.”

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