Coffee shop industry ignored these areas. So Fort Worth entrepreneurs started their own

Years ago, specialty coffee was limited to Magnolia Avenue, downtown, and South Main Street in Fort Worth. However, a few businesses have expanded its scope.

Black Coffee was the first business to open in 2019 on the east side of Fort Worth, a historically Black neighborhood with a growing Hispanic population in recent years. Mia Moss, the establishment’s proprietor, desired for east side residents to have a place to congregate that was not far from a highway.

Black Coffee is one of the handful of coffeehouses in east Fort Worth. In November of the previous year, Casa Azul Coffee followed suit and established a presence on the traditionally Hispanic north side. The shop claims Hispanic and Latino culture as its own by displaying art and blending nostalgic flavors. The owners told the Star-Telegram that their unconventional coffee shops serve as a model for aspiring entrepreneurs in their own communities.

Black Coffee is located across the street from Texas Wesleyan University and east of Polytechnic High School, according to a door sign. The exterior of the building is painted black and features a mural of angel wings and a city skyline with the words Create Change at the top. The interior walls are black, providing a canvas for another colorful mural. The proprietor Mia Moss enjoyed art as much as she did coffee. Moss stated that the design of the space and the menu items are as representative of her as her affection for the community.

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