Ask an expert: The best way to make coffee at home, according to baristas

It is possible to make cafe-style coffee at home, according to baristas; all you need is “love.”

A bit of equipment is also useful, but you need not spend a fortune on it.

According to the three baristas we questioned, a simple pour-over system or even a good plunger can be used to make a delicious cup of coffee for under $50.

Want to brew a delicious beverage at home? These are the necessary tools.

I use a Breville espresso machine when I desire a creamy and sweet flat white on a cold, rainy day or an intense and complex espresso on a busy day.

It is not difficult to make cafe-quality coffee at home, and the necessary equipment should be readily available. Consequently, the Barista Express model is my preferred coffee maker.

It has a built-in grinder, so there are no additional costs. It’s simple, but it allows me to consistently make a great cup of coffee by controlling the variables.

The secret is to invest some affection. For instance, having a scale to weigh coffee using the recommended ratio from your preferred coffee roasters and a timer for the ideal extraction.

Tait Burge, owner and barista at Swimsuit Coffee in Wellington, is a member of the Comma Club.

At home, I prefer the Aeropress because it can be used to make both hot and cold coffee, it’s quick, and it’s also quite tasty.

If you have good beans of a single origin, the plunger is also quite good.

Tait Burge, the proprietor of Swimsuit Coffee, asserts that a plunger can be used to make excellent coffee at home when using beans of a single origin.

My coffee is brewed using a Hario V60. This is a two-cup pour-over. I have a Japanese ceramic one, but they are also available in plastic. I use a coffee plunger and a paper filter to prepare a two-cup pour-over.

When I lived with my previous roommates, we used a Moccamaster at home, which was incredible. This was my preferred method for brewing coffee, and I am considering purchasing one.

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