Coffee lovers can expect a price rise as dairy farmers get more for their milk

For the many Australians who begin their day with a cup of coffee, another cost-of-living increase is on the horizon.

On the heels of milk price increases, local coffee shops may seek to increase their prices. The price increase follows a long-awaited increase in the cost of milk, according to dairy farmers.
Coffee enthusiasts are pleased that dairy farmers are receiving a higher price for their product.

Sue Stagg, the proprietor of a cafe in Hobart, says her customers will soon have to pay “50 or 80 cents per cup” more.

Mrs. Stagg and her team produce approximately 8,000 coffees per week.

They consume 1,300 litres of milk per week, and the price of milk is increasing.

Mrs. Stagg declared, “The price of everything has increased, including coffee, milk, and packaging.”

Mrs. Stagg stated, “We support a local [milk] supplier, and they are considering price increases alongside us.”

Everyone must pass the ball down the line.

“I suppose it was inevitable; everything else is increasing… We want to enjoy our coffee, but we don’t want to pay too much for it.

“I’ll pay it if it goes to the farmers,” he said, “but not if it goes to the middleman.”

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