Starbucks Brews Up Fresh Design Dispute Over “Nearly Identical” Logo

Starbucks has filed a design dispute with marijuana retailer Starbuds Flowers over a similar logo that it claims copies its iconic green siren emblem. The company alleges that the Starbuds Flowers logo infringes on several of Starbucks’ intellectual properties, including the double-ringed green circle, crowned siren design, and capitalised font. Starbucks claims that the similarities trade on “recognition of the extensive consumer recognition of Starbucks,” which could supposedly mislead customers. The company is calling for Starbuds to remove its similar logo from its converted food truck van and destroy the branding from all existing products. Starbucks is also demanding Starbuds to hand over any profits it has gained since using the alleged copycat logo design. This is not the first logo dispute between Starbucks and Starbuds, as the company recently reentered a legal battle with Siren-themed coffee brand Mountains and Mermaids after similar claims that the logo would confuse customers.

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