Columbus Program Would Have Coffee Shops Loan Out Reusable Cups ‘Like a Library’

The Central Ohio Reuse Coalition (CORC) has introduced an open-loop coffee shop reuse plan in Columbus, aiming to reduce the amount of single-use coffee cups thrown away daily. The program would allow customers to borrow reusable cups when ordering at participating shops for a small fee, functioning “in a manner like a library.” Customers who order a reusable cup will be responsible for returning it to a participating location.

The program is expected to have five shops participating in the pilot program, with the goal of having all on board by September. Waste reduction is one of the main areas the program seeks to address, as only 5% of single-use plastic is recycled. The council’s legislation states that plastic from a disposable cup can leach into a beverage, and microplastics are a serious concern.

The program aims to test the ability for people to borrow a cup from one location, return it to another, grab another cup, and see how it works. The goal is to have all five shops participate in the pilot program, with the hope of having all on board by September.

The program also addresses health concerns, as evidence of the health impacts of microplastics is apparent. Once coffee shops officially sign on, the program can get started quickly.

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