When COVID-19 Hit These Two Businesses Financially, They Teamed Up To Open An Art Gallery And Coffee Shop

From: jsonline.com

After COVID-19 left two business owners without a lot of foreseeable profits, they joined forces to open an art gallery in downtown Menomonee Falls.

Stacie Estrada on June 8 closed Uptown Art due to the financial effects of COVID-19. And the owner of Fine Art Montage, Janet Hudachek, who sells paintings at many festivals, had many of these festivals canceled because of COVID-19. Hudachek had been working from home and displaying artwork at Uptown Art.

When Sue Corkum announced in May that she was retiring and closing her downtown Menomonee Falls gallery and coffee shop, Purloin Studio, it presented a perfect opportunity for Estrada and Hudachek to open their new Fine Art Montage.

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