Is Golden Ratio Coffee Or Tea? I Don’t Care Because It’s Delicious


I’ve been trying to find an alternative to the heaping glass of cold brew I drink every morning. It didn’t take me too long to find something that helps fulfill my caffeine craving, but with a little more of a flourish. Golden Ratio Coffee is just that. It takes all the acidity and bitterness of coffee by roasting  the beans at a low temperature, making it a highly drinkable beverage no matter the time of day.

When I first tried it out, I started brewing it hot. You make a cup of  Golden Ratio – I opted for the Chai Spiced, but it also comes in Original and Vanilla Coconut – like you would hot tea, with boiling water and a submerged tea bag. It was…fine. It tasted sort of like a chai that I left on the coffee table for too long. But when I followed the directions for cold brew, I knew that was how I was going to drink it from then on.

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