Native Coffee Co. Is Slinging Drinks (And Supporting Indigenous Communities) In The West Valley


People come for the community and out-of-the-box approach. Coffees are “Mexican-style, but with a twist.” Teas have roots in the borderlands. There are a few Indigenous touches that Martinez-Chavez, Akimel O’odham and Xicana, plans to expand and magnify soon.

For now, though, both she and her husband are just happy to be open.

Though they’re newcomers to coffee as a profession, the beverage has long been central to Martinez-Chavez’s life rhythms. “For my family, it’s coffee all day,” she says. “Coffee for breakfast. Coffee when we’re talking. Coffee at night. Coffee has always just been my thing.”

Five days a week, she and Chavez park their trailer in the rented lot on 93rd Drive and West Van Buren Street. Saturdays, they work events in near and far parts of greater Phoenix, and rest Sundays.

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