Escape the Ordinary With Twelve5 Beverage Co.’s New REBEL Hard Coffee


Twelve5 Beverage Company has launched new REBEL Hard Coffee, a dangerously delicious, decidedly different blend of classic coffeehouse flavors, natural ingredients, and alcohol. REBEL Hard Coffee is brewed to satisfy the senses and release your inner rebel — that little voice inside that invites you to fight the familiar, be bold, and do your own thing. It’s a coffeehouse experience for every social moment.

REBEL Hard Coffee is now available in three flavors, including Mocha Hard Latte, Vanilla Hard Latte, and Hard Cold Brew. There’s something for everyone: the lattes are smooth and creamy and the cold brew is light and refreshing. From brunch and beach to barbecue and bonfire, REBEL Hard Coffee is a perfect choice for any social occasion. Often, it’s the life of the party.

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