Coffee Made Masks To Dog Rescue: How Heights Restaurants Are Helping Community


At Boomtown Coffee in the Heights, the pandemic hasn’t slowed neighbors from getting their caffeine fix.

“We moved to providing patio service,” Boomtown Coffee general manager, Norma Odegard said. “So, we actually never closed for a day.”

Employees, and customers are back inside, but the creativity hasn’t slowed. In addition to coffee, Boomtown is selling unique masks.

“They are made from coffee filters,” Odegard explained. “They are reusable, washable, and there’s a replaceable filter, and you can use it up to 30 days.” A perfect mask for many of its customers. “And, it smells like coffee so it’s a cool bonus,” Odegard said.

Helping the community isn’t only found in its unique masks. During the pandemic, Boomtown Coffee has donated gallons of coffee to medical workers, and food to those in need.

“We’re all in this together,” Odegard said. “We love our city. It’s been challenging for everyone.”

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