Once Upon A Time … Coffeehouse Has A Story To Tell When It Comes To An Authentic Cup Of Coffee

From: theindependent.com

Ty Carter has a story to tell. It is a story about coffee.

Carter is the manager of Story Coffeehouse, located in the Third City Christian Church at 4100 W. 13th St.

Carter previously worked for a coffeehouse in Kearney and then was asked to manage the Story Coffeehouse when the church was looking to grow the operation into a communitywide venue. Carter became manager in May, and went right to work.

During his first month, he redesigned and renamed the space, which had been part of the church for six years. The name didn’t come out of nowhere.

“It originated from the idea that every coffee has a story,” Carter said. “It comes from a specific farm. On that farm was a farmer who raised it. That farmer has a story. The vision down the road is to get the stories of those farmers and let people know who raised this coffee. Who was this farmer on the other side of the world?”

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