Holy Beans: Coffee For Your Spiritual Wellness

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Chaplain (Capt.) Jueun Kim, 98th Civil Affairs Battalion, hosted the event which was designed for the spouses of deployed Soldiers, to do something a little more personal and unique for the teams that are currently deployed.

“As part of doing Soldier ministry and at the same time trying to look out for the families back home. Before putting on this event I said to myself, how can I promote healthy relationships with Soldiers and their spouses to help them both cope while they are deployed,” said Chaplain Kim.

These types of events are important because as military spouses that are constantly in and out its easy to start and feel like your living separate lives, but events like this helps you to become part of his world and meet some of the people that they interact with on a daily basis and learn a little about the areas that they deploy to, said Courtney Casiano, a spouse from the 98th Civil Affairs Battalion.

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