‘Eat Well, Do Good’: Ashland Coffee & Tea Is Now Canteen, A Bistro With A Campy Mission

From: richmond.com

Bug bites and rustic cabins and nightly campfire shenanigans. Bossy adolescent counselors and newfound hobbies (archery, anyone?) and fleeting, awkward summer romances fueled by the glorious independence of a week or two away from parents.

Summer camp is an experience shared by many kids, where campfires and friendships are stoked.

But not all children get to go to camp, and Ashland residents Cate and Mike Hawks hope to change that — one fluffy homemade biscuit and rosemary cheddar waffle at a time.

Their well-known establishment — Ashland Coffee & Tea, the decades-old café near the railroad tracks in the heart of town — is now Canteen, a bistro with a mission to fund summer camp opportunities for disadvantaged children and teens, particularly those in foster care and kinship care.

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