Baba Cool opens all day cafe in Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, one of Fort Greene’s most popular eateries has opened. On July 16th, Baba cool, an all-day cafe, established a second branch at 47 Withers Street. The apartment boasts a huge backyard with petanque, a Provence-based sport in which players aim to get boules as close to a target as possible.

During the day, baba cool offers bright toasts, salads, bowls, sandwiches, and pastries, as well as coffee, tea, and speciality lattes. Many vegetarian options are available, including some that are completely raw, such as the cool bowl with summer squash and cauliflower rice. Small appetisers including whipped ricotta, crispy chicken wings, and oysters with ginger mignonette are included on the smaller bar food menu at night. Baba cool serves natural wines, beers, and cocktails, such as the St. Agrestis Spritz, which features St. Agrestis from Greenpoint.

Gabriella Mann, the founder of baba cool, founded the first store in 2014 with an emphasis on simple food made with local ingredients. The term is derived from a French expression that means “hippie,” and it creates the tone for the space. They also sell t-shirts, with 15% of proceeds going to students at the Food and Finance High School. They also have a paid internship programme with the institution. The avocado bum, which depicts two avocados in place of a bum on a sweatshirt or tshirt, is the brand’s hallmark design. Baba cool is open every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and takes Resy reservations.

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