This Portland mom traded rainy days for sunshine. Take a look inside her new Phoenix cafe

This Portland-born coffee shop owner felt right at home on Grand Ave’s melting pot of culture and small enterprises.

Cherrelle Frazier and her family relocated to Phoenix from Portland, Oregon, and along Grand Avenue, she found a remembrance of home.

Her attraction to the downtown Phoenix region was the melting pot of culture, art, local businesses, and community. With NW Drip Coffee, she brought her own little piece of Portland to the mix in mid-July.

NW Drip features a basic menu of drinks prepared with Nossa Familia coffee, which Frazier imported from Portland. It was evident after a week of opening that people were coming for the conversation and sense of community as much as the coffee.

Customers who have gone three or four times, according to Frazier, are already regulars. She spoke with two clients who were already familiar with the shop on a recent Wednesday afternoon. As she drew espresso and made matcha tea, easy chatter flowed over the bar.

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