Should we be restricting coffee consumption to certain times during the day?

It’s frequently said that the best time to enjoy a cup of coffee is limited to a specific time of day.

Despite the fact that there is some science behind the best time to drink coffee, the most of these ideas are simply misconceptions.

Choosing the perfect time to consume your coffee might be challenging at times, whether you want to get a good start to the day or need to focus on an approaching exam, but does that mean you should spend hours searching the internet for coffee-drinking timings? No.

So, when is it OK to consume a cup of coffee?

There isn’t one, in a nutshell.

This certainly varies from person to person and is largely determined by the individual’s needs and schedule.

Before you start reducing your daily coffee intake or restricting your coffee intake to specific times of the day, here are some significant coffee fallacies to be aware of.

Myth: Coffee should only be used when one is in desperate need of energy. While it’s true that too much of anything can be harmful, we’re talking about dangerously excessive amounts of coffee here.

Have you ever been among gym buddies who only drink coffee before or after a workout? While research shows that drinking a cup of coffee before a workout will help you perform better, it doesn’t imply you should limit your coffee consumption to only when you need to complete high-intensity workouts.

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