This Simple Device Will Solve Your Biggest AeroPress Annoyance

If you prepare your morning coffee with an AeroPress, you’re surely aware that it needs precision and can be messy at times. Fortunately, Fellow, a popular coffee equipment brand, provides an AeroPress adapter that makes this technique of brewing much easier. For only $25, you may add the accessory to your Aeropress and forgo the inversion procedure, which prevents leaks and spills. After all, who wouldn’t want to simplify and streamline their brewing process?

The Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment is a pressure-activated valve that allows the coffee maker to build up pressure, producing the ultimate espresso-style coffee. To use it, simply twist it onto your AeroPress, position it over your preferred coffee cup, add your coffee grinds and hot water, and press the plunger down. With the attachment, you may make iced coffee, tea, Americanos, or that luscious crema that espresso is known for. Furthermore, the no-drip seal ensures a clean brewing procedure. It also includes a reusable metal filter that replaces single-use paper filters.

Customers love the coffee maker accessory, giving it over 1,600 five-star ratings on Amazon. One reviewer stated, “If you have an AeroPress, you need this adaptor.” “It brews a fantastic cup of coffee. It also eliminates the’spray’ that comes out of the edges of the press when using a standard head.”

Another customer remarked on how useful the item is. “There’s no need to turn the AeroPress upside down to add coffee or water, and there’s no more leakage. The Prismo attachment is just what I was looking for “they penned If you’re searching for a new way to use your AeroPress coffee maker, the Fellow Prismo adapter is a good place to start. Check out this former barista’s evaluation of the AeroPress for more information on how to use it.

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