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Looney Bean is a coffee establishment with a wide range of offerings. Seasonal flavours, excellent drip coffee, and a cafe steeped in history along the Deschutes River. When Corey Getman and Sarah Jordan packed their belongings and came to Central Oregon in 2012, Looney Bean was one of the first places they visited. That coffee business, which had welcomed them to the area, would become their livelihood and, eventually, a community hub.

“Sarah and I would day-dream about running our own businesses, and a coffee shop was the dream,” Corey Getman adds. They purchased the shop a year after relocating to the area. A big and cosy outdoor seating area, right on the river’s edge, is hidden behind the walk-up window where you make your order for a daily coffee boost.

The shop is located on the outskirts of downtown, surrounded by a plethora of vibrant shops, and it serves as a natural central meeting point for all visitors to Bend. “We’re not a hipster coffee shop,” Getman points out. Looney Bean is a coffee and tea shop that serves drinks and provides a relaxing atmosphere. “We take coffee seriously,” Getman says, but he doesn’t want anyone to feel out of place at the shop. They have a diverse menu that includes anything from traditional drip coffee made with freshly roasted and ground beans to sweetened seasonal lattes and more. The large menu and outdoor seating attract a diverse crowd, and Getman observes a special kind of community magic. Stepping out into the patio and seeing people from all walks of life speaking, playing a game, or simply enjoying the view and a brew is his favourite aspect of the job.

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