I Start Each Day With Coffee, but This Concentrate Broke My Usual Routine – For Good

There are a few aspects of my daily routine that I find interesting. I take it more seriously than a cup of coffee in the morning. Each day begins with a cup of freshly ground coffee from my french press, which I prepare from start to finish, from grinding the beans to boiling water in a kettle to mastering the length of time before putting it into my favourite mug. It’s become a habit for me, especially during the pandemic, that keeps me psychologically and physically fueled.

The only problem, aside from the time it takes from start to finish, is that I also enjoy iced coffee. My method stays the same, but iced coffee necessitates several hours of planning ahead of time to give time for the coffee to cool to room temperature before chilling for a few more hours. I prefer iced coffee most of the time, but I rarely think to make it the night before.

When I was offered the chance to try Jot’s Ultra Coffee ($24), a liquid concentrate that is 20 times more concentrated than regular coffee, I leapt at it. I was hoping that this would be my first foray into quick and easy iced coffee without sacrificing flavour or expense. It did not let me down.

I made an iced coffee using Jot’s recipe, which called for 1 tablespoon of Ultra Coffee, 6-8 ounces of water, and ice. I really loved adhering to the 8-ounce guideline without any milk. It was powerful without being oppressive. The 6-ounce guideline worked perfectly with milk. Without being diluted down, it was still thick and creamy. In any case, my morning coffee tasted just like it did when I had it from a high-end local coffee shop, but it saved me the time it would have taken to travel there and back. The iced coffee only took around a minute to make from start to finish, rather than the normal ten minutes.

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