The Unexpected Connection Between Hummus And Plant-Based Coffee Creamers

Even McDonald’s now offers oat milk, such is the level of popularity of dairy alternatives in coffee shops. According to Sky News, pressure is mounting on well-known chains like Starbucks to eliminate their surcharges. While coffee shop owners deliberate such a change, they may soon have a new dairy-free option available to meet their customers’ demands.

Obviously, this does not imply that the existing options are inadequate. Cafe Virtuoso recommends dairy alternatives like oat milk due to their creamy textures and sweet flavors. These sentiments are echoed in Cup of Caffeine, which asserts that dairy alternatives provide more fiber and protein than dairy milk, in addition to the frothy texture that coffee connoisseurs crave. However, it appears that the coffee industry is always searching for the next delicious dairy substitute.

What may surprise you about a forthcoming product is its relationship to another popular food: hummus.

There are numerous ways to prepare chickpeas, including Mashed’s lemon hummus recipe. However, one Israeli company aims to demonstrate that chickpeas can also be used to create a sustainable, creamy, and flavorful coffee creamer.

According to Israel21c, ChickP is developing a non-dairy creamer “made of chickpea protein isolates.” The creamer could complement the company’s existing products, and ChickP envisions the creamer as one of more than 20 uses for its chickpea protein (per Israel21c). The chickpea creamer could provide even more protein than other dairy alternatives, while maintaining the desired appearance and performance.

The unexpected connection between hummus and plant-based coffee creamers.

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