Here’s every product you need for barista-quality iced coffee at home

In these summer temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than a professional-grade iced coffee. Unfortunately, it is impractical to drive to Starbucks every time you desire a refreshing beverage. These four Amazon products allow you to bring the iced coffee bar into your home at a remarkable discount.

Bonsenkitchen Handheld Milk Frother: $9.97, or 41% off the original price of $16.99.

Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker: $44.99 (31% off the original price of $64.99)

Drinking Glasses with straw – 4-Piece Set for $23.99 / 29% off (originally $33.99)

Ice Cube Tray with Lid, Round: $22.99

Keep your coffee iced, flavored, and reasonably priced.
Milk frothers in a variety of hues
These milk frothers are essential for the aspiring barista at home. (Reference: Amazon)
$9.97 $16.99 at Amazon

With the proper milk frother, your coffee will have a texture comparable to that of Starbucks. This high-speed frother from Bonsenkitchen produces dense foam in less than 20 seconds, allowing you to quickly enjoy your morning beverage.

Don’t limit yourself to iced coffee. This frother allows you to prepare lattes, matchas, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates in record time without ever losing your grip on its ergonomic handle. Turn the frother on under a hot faucet to quickly and thoroughly clean it after use. The handheld Bonsenkitchen milk frother is available in fourteen color options and is currently 41 percent off on Amazon.

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