Chamberlain Coffee Adds 2 New Flavored Matcha Powders To Its Product Lineup

Los Angeles, California – Chamberlain Coffee, the premier coffee lifestyle brand and brainchild of Emma Chamberlain, has introduced two new flavored matcha powders: vanilla and mango. Made with organic A-Grade ceremonial matcha, these two new flavor innovations are an extension of the brand’s ultra-popular classic Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea, which has amassed tens of thousands of new brand fans and sold out a record five times. As with the original Matcha, the Vanilla and Mango flavors are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made from 100% organic Japanese green tea.

The expansion of Chamberlain Coffee’s Matcha collection exemplifies the company’s dedication to consistent product innovation and market expansion. Both the Vanilla and Mango Matcha powders are all-natural, antioxidant-rich, and provide a sustained, clean energy boost without a crash. Like a trip to the tropics, the Mango Matcha is light, fruity, and best served over ice and frothy milk for instant vacation energy; each sip is designed to induce long-lasting relaxation. Vanilla Matcha is an energizing tea that elevates coziness to new heights and is the ideal morning or afternoon pick-me-up. Designed for both seasoned matcha drinkers and matcha novices, these two new flavor innovations offer an approachable and completely original beverage experience.

“At Chamberlain Coffee, our mission is to continuously innovate and develop exciting new products that appeal to our devoted customer base. While these new flavored matcha recipes were created with our community in mind, we hope to reach new audiences and convert even more individuals into regular matcha drinkers,” said Christopher Gallant, CEO of Chamberlain Coffee.

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