Brewpoint Coffee Announces Launch of CBD-Infused Coffees

Brewpoint Coffee’s new CBD-infused brews, which debuted on August 8 for National CBD Day, are about to make mornings a little more tranquil, the company announced on Tuesday.

Brewpoint Coffee’s CBD-infused brews will be available in-store at the company’s three storefront locations in Elmhurst, Illinois, as well as its Oak Park, Illinois, location, or for nationwide shipping, the company said in a statement. Brewpoint Coffee is based in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, Illinois.

Brewpoint’s new line of CBD-infused coffees, titled Over the Moon, aims to delight, elevate, and keep you relaxed as you orbit throughout the day, according to the company. The high-quality brews are infused with hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado and certified by the USDA to contain less than.03% THC.

Melissa Villanueva, CEO and founder of Brewpoint Coffee, said in a statement, “Many people struggle with jitters in the morning due to too much caffeine and avoid coffee in the afternoon or evening due to the caffeine.” The ‘Over the Moon’ coffees are created to address each of these concerns without compromising the quality of your beverage.

There are currently two coffees included in the “Over the Moon” line: New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon CBD single-origin Ethiopian coffee has notes of caramel, green tea, jasmine, and lemon, according to a company statement. Full Moonis a medium-roast, decaf CBD single-origin Columbian made with 99.9% decaffeinated coffee beans that are roasted rich, smooth, and full-bodied with toasted almond and hazelnut notes, according to the company.

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