Thunder Coffee Milk Launches In 7-Eleven

Thunder Coffee Milk, an RTD Coffee startup based in Florida, has announced a partnership with select 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout the state. Floridians can now “Solve Hangry Fast” at over 400 select 7-Eleven locations with true Australian-style iced coffee in three delectable flavors: Mocha, Vanilla, and DoubleShot.

“What if ‘Hangry’ became obsolete?” asked co-founder Dave Temple. Temple, who was born in Australia but has been a dairy farmer in Florida for over 20 years, asserts that the Thunder Coffee Milk product contains “real milk, real coffee, and real ingredients that anyone can pronounce.”

Ed Henderson, co-founder and longtime Florida dairy farmer, was asked to define “Hangry.” He responded, “Hangry is when you are so hungry and angry from not eating that you can’t help but bite someone’s head off.” Henderson continued, “We are pleased to offer Solves Hangry Fast with 9g of naturally occurring protein, coffee, and milk in an 11oz sleek can!”

According to the website for Thunder Coffeemilk, solving hangry is as simple as following three steps.

1) Purchase a can of Thunder Coffee Milk at select 7-Eleven locations in Florida.

2) Appreciate how tasty it is with only five simple ingredients.

3) Now that you’re no longer hangry, you should feel your irritability dissipate.

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