The Secret Ingredient To Make Coffee Less Acidic

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, there’s probably nothing you anticipate more when your alarm goes off in the morning than that first steaming cup of coffee. Who could possibly blame you? The caffeine in coffee gives us a little extra pep in our step, regardless of whether it’s in the form of cold brew, espresso, a flat white, or any number of other beverages.

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, especially among Americans, who consume it more frequently than water, soft drinks, or tea (via Statista). And despite its many health benefits, including protection against heart failure, improved liver function, and stabilization of blood sugar (according to Johns Hopkins), not everyone enjoys drinking coffee. Coffee consumption can result in undesirable side effects such as heartburn and upset stomach (via Verywell Health). If you have a stomach that is sensitive to coffee, you might want to add this creamy, fatty ingredient to your next morning brew.

As delicious as coffee is, it can cause stomach upset or heartburn in some individuals, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. According to Coffee Affection, this is likely due to coffee’s high acidity levels, which causes some enthusiasts to seek out low-acid varieties. However, according to the website, adding ghee, or clarified butter made in the Indian style, to your preferred coffee beverage can help prevent stomach upset by neutralizing some of the acidity.

According to Coffee Affection, the high calcium content of ghee can help neutralize coffee’s acidity, making the beverage, so to speak, easier to stomach. Ghee contains butyrate, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that has been shown to improve intestinal health, according to the source.

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