Starbucks debuts new whole bean coffee packaging

Starbucks is introducing new packaging for whole bean coffee for the first time in ten years, with designs inspired by the people, moments, and experiences associated with each blend. Each packaging redesign, created by Starbucks’ talented design team and containing the same delicious coffee that our customers love, tells a unique story about the origin and flavor notes of the coffee roast.

Detailing each of the five new coffee bag designs is provided below.

Starbucks® Veranda Blend®

Starbucks has collaborated with Latin American coffee farmers for decades. This blend was inspired by the lightly roasted coffee shared over the years, often on a breezy veranda overlooking coffee trees. Subtle but flavorful, with notes of toasted sweet malt and milk chocolate, it is an inviting, approachable coffee that mixes well with milk.

“This artwork is meant to transport customers to a lively veranda in Latin America, evoking the origin of the coffee,” said Yumi Reid, designer and illustrator for Starbucks. “We wanted the design to convey the story of Starbucks® Blonde Roast through the use of color: the roast color is primary, and the house green on the hummingbirds provides support. Bright accent colors on the foliage further emphasize the incredible nature of this coffee.

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