5 Iced Coffee Mistakes You’re Probably Making, According To A Master Barista

From: msn.com

As a born-and-raised Florida girl, I grew up drinking iced coffee year-round. And even though I’ve since moved to Alabama, where the weather gets much colder, I’m still known to be sipping a cold brew through mid-November.

I’m a big fan of fancy and pricey iced lattes and cold brew from coffee shops. However, my wallet is not. So, in an attempt to save some money, I’ve been trying to make my iced coffee at home. I was curious to see how I could make my iced coffee taste like the drinks I get from my local barista. So I tapped Giorgio Milos, Specialty Coffee Association-certified master barista for illycaffè, for the full scoop. Here are five iced coffee mistakes he says you’re probably making at home—plus, what to do instead.

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