A Lack Of Experience Didn’t Stop Them From Opening A Coffee Shop, And A Pandemic Can’t Stop Them Either

From: msn.com

When word got out early last year Levitate surf and skate shop was developing a next-door site for a boutique coffee spot, the owner was inundated with applicants. The least qualified were Zac Carpman and Fletcher Souba, who had a dream but no blueprint for a coffee shop, but they talked about opening one all the time.

Nonetheless, Levitate co-owner Dan Hassett says he “had a really good feeling about Zac and Fletcher.” He liked their passion and work ethic (he asked around) and then went with the 28-year-old Marshfield natives. SlackTide Coffee Roasters opened in a sliver of a place, 10 feet by 30 feet, attached to Levitate on Ocean Street in August 2019.

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