Coffee shop pays homage to lives lost in 1913 Flood

The account of the big flood of 1913 has been passed down through the generations.

“There was a tremendous flood in March of 1913. And it had a huge impact on west Columbus and Franklinton. When you look at what happened in this area, you can see that there were two residences on the land, both of which were basically demolished as you can see in the photo. Chakeyla Anderson says, “They were on their side.”

What You Should Know
A major flood devastated Ohio in March 1913, killing more than 90 people. The flood had a tremendous impact on West Columbus and Franklinton. The three days are commemorated with a mural painted on the side of Bottom’s Up Coffee.

This enormous painting on the exterior of Bottom’s Up Coffee at 1069 W. Broad St. in Columbus’ Franklinton neighbourhood serves as a remembrance of the tragic three-day period in which more than 90 people died.

“You’ll see a lot of people wanting to snap pictures outside by the mural,” Anderson, proprietor of Bottom’s Up Coffee, predicted.

Because of its low height along the Scioto River, Franklinton was known as the Bottoms. While a picture is worth a thousand words, Anderson sees destruction as well as determination.

“It’s eerie, but it also makes you think about all the beautiful things that can be accomplished in the aftermath of such a tragedy. And if you look at some of the photos, you can see the community pulling together, which is the same spirit that you see in Franklinton today,” Anderson added.

Anderson, who is from Houston and is the second owner of Bottom’s Up Coffee, said she is looking forwards to continuing to be the neighborhood’s historian.

“You should always be aware of the past and keep track of it. As a result, there are no plans to alter the mural or the history that surrounds it,” Anderson explained.

Bottom’s Up Coffee, which is located at 1069 W. Broad St. in the Columbus district of Franklinton, was reopened as a post office in 1914.

In addition to reducing infant mortality, Bottom’s Up has a social objective.

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