‘It feels like losing a person’: Long-time customers, former employees visit Highland Coffee Company before closure

Highland Coffee Company is no longer open for business.

The coffee shop on Bardstown Road will close its doors for good on Thursday after 22 years. The COVID-19 pandemic, according to proprietors Greg and Natalie Hofer in a Facebook statement, was a deciding factor in the shutdown.

“We have conquered numerous hurdles over the past 22 years, but as the reality of another COVID winter approaches, we understand this is the decision we must make, both as a business and as individuals,” the message stated.

Customers who have been with the company for a long time showed their appreciation by forming lines that looped around the building on Monday morning. Demaris Phillips, a former employee, said she made it a point to show there and say goodbye after hearing the news.

Phillips stated, “It feels like I’m losing a person.” “It’s a loss because there will never be another venue where all of these people — all of these shared memories, all of these moments — can come together again.”

Phillips worked at Highland Coffee to pay her way through culinary school, calling it the best job she’s ever had.

Phillips explained, “It was a coffee shop, but it was also a home and a family.” “I want Highland Coffee to be known as the place where every single individual who worked there made every single person who walked in feel important.”

Highland Coffee thanked consumers in a Facebook post for helping to keep the shop a community fixture.

“Being a part of our Highlands community and the neighbourhood we live in and love has been a joy and a privilege beyond anything we could’ve ever dreamed when we established Highland Coffee back in 1999,” the Hofers said. “How fortunate we have been to meet so many incredible people who have been a part of our daily life and have always supported us.”

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