Roasts with the most: five of Hong Kong’s top coffee shops

The beverage, which originated in Hong Kong as a result of British colonisation, has become a symbol of the Milk Tea Alliance, a pan-Asian political movement that brings together Chinese government critics from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.At cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style cafés), where milk tea is also offered with black coffee as “coffee milk tea,” or yuenyeung, coffee has historically entered the equation.

The name refers to “mandarin ducks,” which generally swim in pairs, and is meant to represent long-term relationships. (I prefer the two separated, but it’s worth a go, along with some traditional toast with kaya coconut jam or a pineapple bun.)

The popularity of milk tea to this day undoubtedly explains why Hong Kong’s gourmet coffee culture is still relatively young for a global city, despite an increasing number of Australian-style latte shops in recent years.

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