Balmuda’s First Coffee Maker Aims to Give You Professional Drip Brew at Home

Powerful things can sometimes be found in small packaging. And the same can be said for a nice cup of Joe.

Witness The first coffee maker from Balmuda, a Japanese design business. The device, which was released on Friday after six years of development, uses an open-drip brewing method to bring professional-grade coffee to your home.

Unlike traditional coffee makers, the elegant machine delivers individual cups of drip-brew coffee in up to three cup sizes in regular, strong, and iced-brew modes. It has a footprint of just over five inches broad, which is about the same as a coffee cup saucer, making it excellent for small settings. With a matte black surface that contrasts perfectly with the exquisite stainless steel carafe, it’s also easy on the eyes.

Perhaps most importantly, The Brew was created to be simple to use. Fill the tank with water and place the filter and grounds in the dripper. (It has a capacity of around 16 ounces.) A tiny light will appear along with a startup tone, at which time you can choose from one of three extraction modes—regular, strong, or iced—before pressing the start button. The vapour from the drip will then begin to build, filling the room with the fragrances of your favourite coffee. When the extraction is finished, a last tone will be heard. The entire procedure can take as little as four minutes depending on the mode and temperature. Even better, it’s easy to clean once it’s done: the tank, carafe, and dripper can all be washed with water, and there’s a cleaning mode that uses citric acid water to descale the maker’s inside.

There is one exception to all of this simplicity: The Brew is only suitable for medium-roast grounds, according to the company. You’re on your own if you go off the rails.

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