Be Kind Coffee takes on the competitive Waco market

As a coffee lover, I was ecstatic to discover that a new coffee shop was opening in Waco. Ninety percent of the time, I’m studying or spending quality time with people in a coffee shop. Despite the fact that I am a regular at one of the local coffee shops, I decided to expand my horizons and give the new location a chance.

I was immediately enthralled by the name before even setting foot inside Be Kind Coffee. To me, coffee is so much more than just a beverage. The name appeared to fit because it is a method to spend quality time and community while sitting at a neighbourhood coffee shop and socialising with others.

It was a somewhat longer commute than most of the other coffee shops I frequent, which are closer to school, but it was not insurmountable. It was around a 15-minute journey from school to the shop, which was far longer than I would want to travel on a daily basis. It was close to the Barnes & Noble on Waco Drive, if you’re familiar with the Waco region.

I was instantly thrilled to discover a drive-thru option when I arrived. This appealed to me as someone who isn’t a big fan of massive chain drive-thru coffee shops but requires the convenience of a quick grab-and-go.

When you enter inside, the shop links to a larger market that sells road trip food, kolaches, and a variety of other items. Be Kind’s vegan and gluten-free offerings were particularly appealing to me.

I was pleased when I walked inside and saw the specialty latte options, with items such as a churro latte, a seasonal pumpkin spice latte and the signature drink, which I got, called the Bee Kind, a honey oat milk latte.

I added an extra espresso shot because I prefer my coffee to be stronger. I was looking forward to this latte but was somewhat disappointed when I could not taste the honey and felt that the coffee had more of a sour taste.

Personally, since I am loyal to many other coffee shops in Waco, I am not sure I would make many trips back, with the distance and the taste of the coffee. However, I loved the mission of practicing kindness, being environmentally friendly and still recommend everyone trying it and formulating an opinion for themselves.

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