7 Barista-Approved Products That Totally Upgrade Your Coffee Routine

It’s National Coffee Day, and it’s a big day! We’re celebrating by sharing some of our favourite things for improving our at-home coffee routine, because there’s no reason to pay for a cup of coffee every day when you can brew quite good coffee at home.

These goods don’t necessarily apply to everyone because coffee is so subjective—some people love a frothy latte, some prefer a simple black coffee, and still others are year-round cold brew fanatics. But if you want to get the most out of your at-home routine, one or two of these can make a major difference—and after a few years working in speciality coffee, they’re the ones I grab for every morning to prepare my morning cup:

1. a creamer
A frother is the ultimate home enhancement if you (like me) enjoy frothy coffee. There are several distinct styles to choose from: Some individuals prefer a simple handheld choice like this one, but upgrading to the Bodum electric alternative completely changed the game for me. It froths the milk while heating it, so I can add cafe-quality milk to my favourite coffee with a single switch. What’s the best part? It turns off when the milk reaches the ideal temperature, and it works with all of my favourite alternative milks.

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