Top spots for iced coffee

Chicago – In an effort to finish the summer on a high note, we’re focusing on the refreshing elixir that sustains us through the dog days: iced coffee.

My favorite beverage is the Military Latte from Sawada in West Loop.

It is a matcha latte with vanilla syrup, cocoa powder, and an espresso shot for $5.95.
Swada is a subsidiary of the Hogsalt empire and occupies a portion of the Green Street Smoked Meats space opposite Soho House.

At home, we steep large glass jars of cold brew on the counter and consume a gallon per week.

But the best iced coffee in town is crafted by master brewer Justin Doggett, who uses a Japanese technique to create velvety, chocolatey Kyoto Black cold brew.

It is sold in $39.95 pouches that yield approximately a dozen cups at coffee shops worldwide.
As usual, our readers enlightened us with their favorite local coffee shops:

Monica H.: “Place an order for an iced lavender latte and a pup cup at the window of Charmer’s Cafe near the Jarvis L station for an iced lavender latte and a pup cup. You’ll both be delighted to enjoy your treat on their beautiful patio.”

Margret-Ann N.: “The best iced coffee comes from Coffee Lab & Roasters in Lakeview. Conveniently located across from two daycares, this is the ideal location for all bleary-eyed parents.”

Alannah S. concurs: “I recently discovered the Kyoto cold brew from Coffee Lab & Roasters and now spend the majority of my income on it.”

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