Brisbane coffee brand Aromas Coffee Roasters sold

Aromas Coffee Roasters of Queensland has been acquired by indigenous-owned SupplyAus Holdings for an undisclosed sum.

Aromas Coffee Roasters has served more than 300 locations in the state for 47 years, whereas SupplyAus was founded in 2018 by Adam Williams, a Wiradjuri, and Shane Andrews, a descendant of the Mununjali.

Adam Williams, the chief executive officer of SupplyAus, told Business News Australia that this was a “major step to inspire other Indigenous entrepreneurs to give it a go.”

“Purchasing a legacy brand like Aromas demonstrates to Indigenous children and youth that even the largest brands are within reach.”

The company intends to integrate a portion of Aromas Coffee’s operations with its own coffee brand, Dhuwa Coffee, which is sold in 900 Woolworths stores.

“This is something we’re good at with the rest of our brands, so implementing it with Aromas is something we’re excited about.”

In addition, the company is exploring opportunities to invest in indigenous employment with the rollout of its own Aromas Cafe, as well as to expand the brand internationally.

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