Tims China and Easy Joy Launch Ready-to-Drink Coffee

SHANGHAI, Sept. 7, 2022 – September 7, 2022 – TH International Limited, the exclusive operator of Tim Hortons coffee shops in China (“Tims China”), announced the launch of two co-branded ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee products with China’s largest convenience store chain, Sinopec’s Easy Joy. This new product rollout is part of a larger partnership between Tims China and Easy Joy, which was announced in July and began in August with the opening of three Tims Express coffee shops within Easy Joy stores.

Both new coffee products, which are available in latte and mocha flavors, were created following extensive consumer research and are brewed with premium arabica beans. The latte has a hint of hazelnut chocolate, and the mocha has a rich chocolate flavor with a light hazelnut aftertaste. The aesthetically pleasing and practical packaging is designed to be eco-friendly.

The CEO of Tims China, Yongchen Lu, stated, “This new product provides the convenience and flavor that consumers seek and expect from the Tims brand. China’s RTD coffee market is large and expanding rapidly, and we are thrilled to take this next step in our partnership with Easy Joy, a company with over 27,800 stores and a large customer base.”

President of Easy Joy Yan Liu stated, “RTD is not only a reflection of the growing partnership between Tims China and Easy Joy, but also an effort to diversify and expand the company’s service ecosystem. I believe the introduction of RTD products will provide Easy Joy’s 250 million devoted customers with more convenient options.”

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