People flock to royal-themed Stafford café to mourn Queen

People have flocked to a Stafford café adorned with hundreds of Royal memorabilia.

Following the death of the Queen, letters, themed china cups, pictures of the Royal family, and other collectibles have attracted visitors wishing to pay their respects, according to shop owner Amy Walsh.

She added that Cup a Cha’s collection of nearly 900 items of memorabilia had “evolved” into a museum.

She stated, “[The Queen’s] life is something to both celebrate and mourn.”

“Many people come here because they believe it is the ideal place to say goodbye.”

The collection has transformed from a “quirky corner” to a “museum”
Ms. Walsh’s collection began with items she inherited from her grandmother, a royalist and “obsessed fan” described by her as “obsessed.”

They were a “quirky corner feature” of the building, but they were damaged in 2019 during a break-in. By that time, however, the theme had become so popular that locals and customers flocked to donate money or memorabilia.

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