Franke Coffee Systems reveals new branding

The Franke Group, the owner of Franke Coffee Systems, has introduced new branding across all relevant touchpoints in an effort to reposition itself within its industry.

Franke Coffee Systems’ new company website is the first touchpoint to be launched in the new look, lending credibility to the new brand concept and refreshed branding, in keeping with the company’s commitment to constant improvement and delivering the best possible customer experience.

The cutting-edge website is developed and designed in a modular and interactive manner that encourages visitors to navigate from topic to topic. It provides access to pertinent content, such as industry solutions and reference cases, and offers a vastly enhanced user-friendliness.

“We seize this opportunity to reinforce our well-established slogan, ‘It’s all about the moment,’ while updating our appearance. Marco Zancol, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems, explains that with this move, the company’s mission to provide exceptional customer service and customized solutions for every coffee business is strengthened.

Franke Coffee Systems introduced a new positioning strategy in 2019 that highlights the company’s expertise in the coffee industry. “It’s all about the moment” expresses Franke’s desire to always place customers and their diverse coffee business needs at the forefront, creating unforgettable coffee moments with each cup.

With the launch of its new website, Franke Coffee Systems unveils its unparalleled Coffee Machine Finder. In just a few steps, visitors find the Franke solution that best suits their coffee business via a path that is user-friendly, straightforward, and functional.

“With the launch of our new website, we advance our mission to provide memorable customer experiences and user-friendliness at every point of customer contact. The Franke Coffee Machine Finder is a potent tool for discovering the ideal coffee solution for any business and makes exploring our vast, modular portfolio effortless.” says Marco Zancolò.

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