Seaweed coffee balls are here to replace your pods – they taste good but there is one big flaw

Although I’m looking at my brand-new coffee maker, I can’t stop thinking about chocolate. The machine is black and chrome with a clear plastic carousel holding what appear to be Lindor’s renowned chocolate balls. Even better, somebody has taken the time to unwrap them for me.

Unfortunately, I would vomit if I popped one of these balls directly into my mouth, because they are not made of chocolate but rather pure coffee. A small spherical shape held together by an invisible seaweed membrane.

These coffee balls are a brand-new miracle product entering the market for capsule or pod coffee, which is popular worldwide but generates a monstrous amount of waste.

The CoffeeB coffee ball system is not yet available in the United Kingdom; the company is still searching for a launch partner. However, the brand promises to disrupt a system praised for its convenience but reviled for producing mountains of plastic and aluminum waste.

The creation of Nespresso, you suppose? Not quite. While Nespresso is by far the most well-known brand in the coffee pod industry – and the company responsible for introducing the easy-to-use machines and hassle-free pods – this new “zero-waste” approach comes from Swiss company CoffeeB, which is owned by Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer and employer.

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